This week Jon Wolfe, and Josh Grider both hope to hold off Bri Bagwell, one more week, from scoring her first No. 1 single with "My Boots." But it's going to be a tough task, here are the Top 10 songs in Texas.

10. Zane Williams — She Is

9. Green River Ordinance — Red Fire Night

8. Micky and the Motorcars -- Tonight We Ride

7. Roger Creager and Cody Johnson -- If You Had to Choose

6. Josh Ward -- Whiskey and Whitley

5. Mario Flores — Beer Time

4. TJ Broscoff Phone Calls

3. Jon Wolfe Don’t it Feel Good

2. Josh Grider You Dream I’ll Drive

1. Bri Bagwell My Boots

A hearty congratulations to Bri Bagwell on landing her very first No. 1 single! Be sure to like Radio Texas, LIVE! on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, to stay up with everything going on in the Texas and Red Dirt scene.