Troubadour, TX is a nationally syndicated television show that "follows the lives of various singers and songwriters as they chase their dreams across the Lone Star State." The show features established artists like Ray Wylie Hubbard, Wade Bowen and Jack Ingram. But it also shares the stories of musicians working to achieve their dream, guys like Josh Grider, Matt Caldwell and Zane Williams. Last week those three gentlemen stopped by Radio Texas, LIVE!

Hear our, ummm... irreverent conversation here.

You may recall that Josh Grider won the first ever "Live at Billy Bob's Recording Contest" two summers ago. "I did, yeah!" says Grider, "It's a fan voted deal and I was the last band standing when the voting ended."

Since then Grider has found his way to Nashville, but we've all been able to keep up with him through his blog "Behind Freinemy Lines" on The blog has been Grider's attempt at bridging mainstream Nashville and independent Texas.

"I moved to Nashville a couple years ago," he says. "And I'm from New Mexico, so I'm not a native Texan -- I love Texas, I married a Texan, my son's a Texan. But I don't quite have the in-born thing so many Texans have. So I've been trying to extend the olive branch between Texas and Tennessee."

Hear Grider's "Lone Star Highway" here.

Zane Williams, an Abilene native, has received a slew of national awards. He was a finalist in an unprecedented three categories at MerleFest’s Chris Austin Song Contest, claiming top slots in both the Country and General categories.

Of his latest effort "Sure Felt Like Goodbye," Williams says "It's the first single off my new record, that will be released this Spring. This is a song where I kinda play a role --  I'm happily married and I tend to write a lot of songs about that. But I think it's boring if all my songs are about I love my wife, I love my kids," Williams says laughing.

"This song is about a guy that's dating a a girl and wasn't ready to settle down and she left him. Now he's left wondering what happened."

Matt Caldwell hails from Nevada, TX. In high school, before he started chasing the music dream, he played baseball, basketball and was the starting quarterback of his football team. By senior year though, Matt gave up sports to front a band called “Texas’ Most Wanted."

Now Caldwell makes his home in Nashville, and his money touring and playing shows on the road. He left us with an acoustic version of "I Know Mexico," check it out.

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