Uncle Lucius is one of those bands that you get excited to be the first of your friends to discover. Cause then you get to make 'em feel like losers for not already listening to them. Their music has been featured on television shows like "Castle" and "Friday Night Lights." Recently the guys stopped by Radio Texas, LIVE! to hang, and debut "Keep the Wolves Away." If you missed it, here’s the recap.

Hear our conversation here + "Liquor Store" here.

Kevin shared the personal story behind their brand new radio single, "Keep the Wolves."

It’s about my father who was hurt in a chemical accident when I was a teenager… It changed things around the house, he was the only bread winner. The song talks about how he worked to keep the wolves away in the midst of that.

Press play to hear it.

As if that's not enough, here's Uncle Lucius singing live on our Front Porch.