He's been writing and performing songs for fifteen years, and even though Will Hoge is a name you might not yet know -- you are definitely familiar with his work. Hoge penned Eli Young Band's No.1 smash "Even if it Breaks Your Heart," a song that has earned him a Grammy nomination. He called into Radio Texas, LIVE! last week and we found out what the nomination means to him, discussed his twitter "war" with Richard Mark plus debuted his new single, a song that features Texas powerhouse Wade Bowen.

Have you ever wondered how it feels to write a song that's so good, radio overplays it and people get tired of it? Hoge doesn't. Not anymore, he says, "Man I have wanted that my whole career." he adds laughing, "Fortunately for me it's Eli Young Band's version, so maybe people aren't tired of hearing my version."

We are all familiar with backlash bands tend to receive when they cover a song that was popular with it's original writers fans first. But Hoge feels his fans have handled Eli Young Band's success with "Even if it Breaks Your Heart" quite well.

"My group of fans have stuck with me for 15 years so I think they understand -- there's some pride there, they want to say, 'We like your version better.' But it's been such a life changing and career changing for me as an artist I think everyone's been pretty supportive of it."

Here's a question. How many song writer's names do you know?

Probably not many. There's a perfectly good reason for that. Most bands don't make it a point at their concerts and in interviews to bring up their song's writers, and really they have no obligation to. But Eli Young Band aren't most bands.

The Denton based band has made it a point to share Will Hoge's name with their fans. "They've gone above and beyond," says Hoge, "and become dear dear friends. I owe them a debt of gratitude."

Will Hoge is out with a new radio single called "Another Song Nobody Will Hear," a song that features Wade Bowen. Hoge's sights, however, are set on the song NOT living up to it's name. "I hope that the title is proven to be ironic," Hoge told me, "I hope people enjoy it." Give it a listen below, I'm fairly certain you'll enjoy it.

For your RTX-Xtra here's Will explaining his recent twitter "war," of sorts, with '80s Pop singer Richard Marx. It's pretty funny.