Yeah, you like Texas Music, but are you fanatical about it? I have been thinking about the similarities between all of the fans in this big Texas family, and there are only three things we all want: 1) Good. 2) Country. 3) Music.

This is something we have in abundance in our scene, which some grasp onto much harder than others -- you know who you are.

Here are the Top 10 signs You Are a True Texas Music Fanatic:

1. You find yourself constantly explaining "real country" music.

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...and have had this conversation multiple times:
Friend: "What kind of music do you listen to?"
Self: "Country!"
Friend: *grimace*
Self: "Wait, let me explain..."

2. You regularly cancel plans because your favorite band is in town.

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3. You know every word to Pat Green's "Wave On Wave."

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4. You have your two cents on the "bro-country" phenomenon, and share it regularly.

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5. You take off the week AFTER LJT Fest. You're wise enough know it'll take that long  to recover from the hangover.

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6. You have fallen into at least one of our "fan stereotype" categories at some point in your life.

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7. You have a different band's koozie for every night of the week (month?) (year?).

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8. You have waited on hold for hours to get Steamboat tickets... probably while at work. Ya know, instead of working.

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9. You go ape sh** when your new favorite song comes on Radio Texas, LIVE!


10. You would defend "Texas Country Music" 'til you die. Till. You. Die.

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What makes you a Texas Music fanatic?


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