If you’re a Texas homeowner like I am you probably pay your monthly home insurance premium without even thinking about it. Whether it’s included in your monthly mortgage payment or it’s separate it’s normally not something that most people pay attention too. You probably also don’t look at what specifically is covered in case of an emergency, well it might be time to look over your policy because there are some important things that are not covered in your policy.  

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As this is something that doesn’t pop up very often, I will admit I stumbled upon this information after looking at something else on the Texas Department of Insurance website. There is a lot of good information found on their site that could help people know what to look for when purchasing an insurance policy, this might be a good time to look over your current policy and see if you’re paying for things you don’t need. It’s worth a call to your home insurance provider. 

Don’t Assume You Understand Your Insurance Policy 

Remember you’re the consumer and paying for this insurance policy. If there is any part of your policy that you don’t understand make sure you ask for clarification, in case you do need to file a claim.  

Things Not Covered by Your Home Insurance Policy 

Just because you’re paying your home insurance policy doesn’t mean that everything in your house is covered if an emergency takes place. Here is a look at some things that are NOT covered by your Texas home insurance policy.  

5 Things NOT Covered by Your Home Insurance Policy in Texas

Here is a look at some things that are not included in your home insurance policy within the state of Texas.

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