Aaron Watson is a mainstay in the Texas scene and has been for two decades. But the Honky Tonk Kid has really cranked it up the past few years releasing four full length studio albums: The Underdog, Vaquero, Red Bandana, and American Soul, in addition to Live at the World's Biggest Rodeo Show, and An Aaron Watson Family Christmas.

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But today we're taking a look back to 2012, the summer before his Real Good Time album was released to find the Texas Cowboy Hall of Famer rapping a then unheard song called "Hey, Y'all," that would not be widely released until that fall on the new project.

I say, 'Hey y'all, look at me! '
I'm the name of the game and they call me Country
I can rattle that buck, hook a big cat
My girl is skinny but my rhymes are phat
I'm a gun-totin' big mouth bass boatin'
And my granny likes a chew and chaw
I've been saved from sin, can I get an 'amen'
And then can I get a 'Hey, y'all!'

After breaking off the Gruene crowd with his "phat beats," he coyly informs fans that if they share it on social media then "we won't be friends anymore."

Thankfully Watson does answer the question we all were wondering, "So you may ask where I was inspired by my rapping, I actually busted out a CD I had in the 8th grade called The Chronic." A nod to the the debut studio album by American hip hop producer and rapper Dr. Dre.

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