There is a massive change underway in the U.S., and it has to do with brick-and-mortar stores being unable to compete with their online counterparts.

As more and more people take to shopping online, something that got a massive boost in '20 thanks to a worldwide pandemic, physical stores continue taking big hits.

In what is being described as a "leaked list," Usearch has posted what they claim to be the most comprehensive list of Walgreens stores closing for 2024. "The list contains 94 closed Walgreens locations. Each record is enriched with key information regarding the involved company and locations. The dataset is delivered through an Excel file or API."

I'm still more of a swing-by-the-store kinda guy, but I'm part of an ever-shrinking minority it appears

So while consumers move more and more to online shopping, just like my wife, the landscape of stores is changing too. We won't get into it right now, but I am not a big fan of forced self-checkout.

Sorry to get off topic.

You can explore the full leaked list here. As far as the two Texas stores on the Usearch list go, they are in Houston and Lubbock:

Walgreens at 5300 N Braeswood Blvd, Houston, TX 77096
Walgreens at 4847 Slide Rd, Lubbock, TX 79414

Be on the lookout as a few more of your favorite stores may soon be closing locationsFinance Buzz created a list of big brands that are and we've got the list for you hopefully, you'll be prepared when and if the time does come.

Big Brands Closing Locations in 2024

Here is a look at some of our favorite big brands that will be closing locations in an effort to stop losing money at stores that are underperforming.

Gallery Credit: Billy Jenkins

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