Welp, it looks like we are just three years away from a passenger trip to outer space. I know I thought for sure we were still fifty years from it too. But get this, you could be on the SpaceX ship that takes the first civilians to the moon (and back?), wrap your head around that.

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So here the story, there's this dude in Japan by the name of Yusaku Maezawa, and he's loaded. We're talking multi-billionaire. Well, back in 2018 Yusaku got the urge to purchase the rights to SpaceX's first passenger trip to the moon. And since he's got the deposable income to do it, he did. No one knows for sure, as it is confidential, but it's estimated that it set him back about $250 million bones.

On this mission we expect people will go further than any human has ever gone from planet Earth. - Elon Musk

Fast forward three years, and that flight, the first passenger one into space, the first civilian lunar mission is now set for 2023. I know, it seems like science fiction but it's not. And your boy, Yusaku, has begun the search for the eight passengers to join him, and this guy's not just going to hook up his buddies, no, he's looking for random people join him to space the final frontier.


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