Hmmm...could this be true?! It is according to this "exclusive" tidbit from US Weekly.

While Miranda Lambert has been more low key with any new relationships -- unlike her ex-old-man -- it looks like she may be dipping her toes back into the dating pool! It is being reported that 'Ran has been spending some quality time with an Americana/R&B artist from Alabama, by the name of Anderson East.

So, who is this dude? Well, here are four things you should know about Anderson East.

1. His real name isn't Anderson East.

He was actually born Michael Cameron Anderson in Athens, Alabama. He released the album Closing Credits for a Fire under the name Mike Anderson in 2009, but took Anderson East as a stage name a year later.

2. He is super-talented. 

It looks like Anderson and Miranda have music in common. Anderson has not only released three albums and two EPs since 2009, he has played guitar and sang harmonies for Holly Williams. He has also worked as both a session musician as well as a recording engineer. Give a listen to his "break-thru" single, "Satisfy Me":

3. He is a "younger man."

Mr. East is a few years younger than Miranda's 32 years...but not enough to be creepy. The word on the street is Anderson is just 27 years old. You go Miranda!

4. Miranda and Anderson are already making music together. 

Well, kinda. Both are featured on producer Dave Cobb's upcoming tribute album, Southern Family, along with artists like Shooter Jennings, Holly Williams, Brandy Clark, Zac Brown and Jason Isbell.

I guess only time will tell if these two are officially canoodling or not, but one thing is for certain... Anderson's social media accounts are blowing up since this news broke!

You can follow him HERE on Twitter and HERE on Instagram.

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