It's that time of year again - that time when it's impossible to drive anywhere in Austin from all the extra congestion. Oh wait, that's everyday.

Austin City Limits is less than a month away and I haven't even seen the lineup until now! The last thing I want to do, personally, is get all caught up in crowds of this music fest -- but there's some pretty dang good artists showing up this year, which I may make an appearance for. If you're going to ACL this year, here's some artists you aren't going to want to miss:

1. Eric Church


  • Oct 6: Samsung Galaxy Stage: 6PM
  • Oct 12: Stubb's: 9PM
  • Oct 13: Samsung Galaxy Stage: 6PM

2. Sons of Fathers


Oct 11: Austin Ventures Stage - 12:20PM

3. Holly Williams


Oct 4: BMI Stage - 2:30PM
Oct 11:
BMI Stage - 2:30PM

4. Asleep at the Wheel


Oct 4: AMD Stage - 12PM
Oct 11: Lady Bird Stage - 12PM

5. Court Yard Hounds


Oct 4: AMD Stage - 2PM
Oct 5:
Lady Bird Stage - 2PM

Check the full lineup here.

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