John Baumann has become one of Texas' most sought after songwriters and performers. Having penned "Gulf Moon," which Kenny Chesney cut and included on his 2018 album Songs for The Saints, and as a founding member of the Texas super-group The Panhandlers, Baumann is fast establishing his place in country music.

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Of the album's debut single, “Next Ride Around the Sun,” Baumann told Billboard, "The song was born from an appreciation for the here and now. I remember talking with my father-in-law one night and him saying, ‘enjoy every second.’ He seemed so earnest and genuine when he was saying it to me. And it stuck. It’s truly apropos to the time we’re living in, but it’s an ethos that we should heed all the time.”

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Country Shade Track Listing:

1. The Country Doesn’t Sound the Same
2. Next Ride Around the Sun
3. Daylight’s Burning
4. Homesick for the Heartland
5. Fool’s Crusade
6. If You Really Love Someone
7. Sunday Morning Going Up
8. I Don’t Know
9. Second Wind
10. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
11. Flight Anixety
12. Grandfather’s Grandson

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