I would like to think it is my job as a writer and music advocate to bring fresh new music and faces to your attention, and with my weekly feature, #BandsYouShouldKnow, that's exactly what I hope to do.

Parker had the opportunity to open for my husband the other week, and I suppose you could say left a good impression. Sam and I have similar taste in music and definitely know when a band is and isn't worth mentioning - so when he brings a new artist to my attention I heed his advice and go have a listen.

If Parker's music were wine, I would say it's an oaky red - calming, natural yet bold. He kinda reminds me of a mix between John Baumann and Evan Felker of Turnpike Troubadours with an easy, relaxed sound. Definitely something I could drive down the highway to.

This is my personal favorite of his, but you may also click here to check out his current single Meet You In The Middle off his album "The Limestone Kid."


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