He was king of Texas Music before there was a crown. Pat Green blazed his own trail to Nashville through Texas, and back again. He experienced a level of success, most bands never will.

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While there were certainly legends doing it before him, no one did it quite like him. He hand-delivered the genre to a new younger crowd and made it cool. Every band with a bus or van touring around Texas, owes him a "thank you" note, and a six-pack of Lone Star Beer.

I don't treat albums as projects. Like, I'm not trying to make a statement about this or that. I appreciate that there are people or bands out there that want to do that. I write at a very slow pace. I'll write one song every three or four months. I'm an artist as well. I sculpt, paint and all those things, and I take those things very seriously, but very slow. - Pat Green

This was very tough list for us to whittle down, just five songs? The man has a massive catalogue, songs that laid the foundation for so many young Texans in the late '90s and early '00s.

So keep in mind, while rage scrolling, that there being just five songs, it leaves zero room for several all-time greats including: "Southbound 35," "Crazy," "Songs About Texas," and "Take Me Out to a Dance Hall."

Each of which were very hard to leave out.

Oh, also, you will not find  any songs off his Songs We Wished We Written I, or II albums. But you will get five great songs, their greatness, of course, open to personal interpretation, including the best album cut ever, never released, one that we too think was the best song he's ever written.

5. "Three Days"

4. "Nightmare"

3. "Let Me"

2. "Wave on Wave"

1. "Carry On" 

There's our list. Which songs make yours?

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