It is the end of an era for the World's Largest Honky Tonk.

Earlier this week, Billy Bob’s Texas announced their beloved Entertainment Director Robert Gallagher is stepping down from his position to spend more time with his family and on other independent projects. He has been with the company since they first opened their doors in the Fort Worth Stockyards back in 1981.

In a statement on Billy Bob's website, Gallagher says:

“My relationship with Billy Bob’s Texas and The Historic Fort Worth Stockyards is second only to my incredibly supportive family. The staff, both past and present, at “The World’s Largest” is truly our second family. It’s almost impossible to express our overwhelming gratitude to the owners, directors, officers, employees, Artists, bands, crews and supporters of this iconic national treasure. We look forward to our continued lifelong friendship with the utmost love and respect.” 

I can only imagine the stories that Robert could tell about all the things he has seen and experienced over the years backstage at Billy Bob's. That would be a book that I would LOVE to read! Here's hoping one of the "other independent projects" is an autobiography.