The Blue Water Highway Band has released the second music video off their debut album, "Things We Carry," an album that has been receiving an amazing response from music goers. 

Their folksy "Texikana" sound matched with incredibly strong vocals make this an album worth purchasing. The song "Q to Cortelyoum," which you can check out above, was actually recorded live, adding string instruments later to make it more full bodied:

“This is a song I wrote about the six years I lived in New York City. It involves a girl, of course, and taking the Q subway train out to the Cortelyou neighborhood...I was raised in Texas, but born in New Jersey, and you can see the influence of those cultures working together here. Musically, it sounds like the Northeast, but the country aspect comes out in its simplicity, economy of words and directness." -- The Boot

I have seen these guys play before, and the live show is very much on par with with album, which I believe is an integral part of quality musicianship.

Click here to hear more of their music and see below for upcoming tour days!



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