It was announced just after noon today that after nearly 16 years of supporting and legitimizing Texas Music, The Texas Music Chart will publish its final chart on February 1st.

From the TMC Press Release:

The first Texas Music Chart appeared November 20, 2000. Shane Media created the Chart because research done for our radio consulting firm showed growing interest in Texas and Red Dirt music throughout the region. Our visionary founder Ed Shane knew it was time to give form and focus to the scene and help the musicians spread the word.

Through the hard work and high standards of Ed and co-founder Katie Key, the Texas Music Chart has been the industry standard for more than fifteen years. At the end of the first quarter of 2001, sales of Texas music increased 221%, proving that the Chart was spreading the word!

Frank Jackson, then with Southwest Wholesale, said, “The chart gives form and focus to the Texas genre, and it helps artists, radio stations and fans get their arms around what’s happening in Texas County music.” Jackson added, “It’s been an incentive for everybody in the music industry in Texas.”

With the music stronger than ever and many more successful artists, it’s time for the Texas Music Chart to close. Many people have given their time, energy, and hard work to this project, including the current group of 80+ reporting stations. Special thanks to Lizzy Waggoner, Chart Editor for the last three years. To Keith Rovell who helped put together the first panel of 35 reporting stations; Lee Logan who has kept our social media relevant and topical. Promoter Debbie Green, a supporter and a gadfly from the start; as was Gerrie McDowell. We couldn’t have done our online projects without our web guru Freddy Martinez. Kudos to Nikki Courtney who has worked to make the Cluttered Corner interviews and performances stellar.

I also want to give credit to the great contribution made to our print publication Best In Texas Music Magazine by art director Debbie Kirby, a creative force herself.

The emotional rewards have been many. Watching the 21st century success of Pat Green, Aaron Watson, Miranda Lambert, Kevin Fowler, Roger Creager, Cory Morrow, Wade Bowen, Randy Rogers, Bart Crow and so many others too numerous to mention, has been a joy. All the letters and emails thanking us for the Chart and the “Now What?!” seminars have made the hard work worthwhile.

The final Texas Music Chart appears February 1, 2016. The Cluttered Corner will feature an interview with Curtis Grimes and a preview of his new song.


Important announcement from the Texas Music Chart! NOTE: There WILL be a new chart and new Cluttered Corner on Monday!

Posted by Texas Music Chart on Thursday, January 28, 2016

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