Wednesday (March 5), I am back spinning all the best Texas and Red Dirt Music you can two-step to in a single night, at Cowboy's in Tyler. If you haven't heard, you can join me every other Wednesday at Cowboy’s. I'll be spinnin’ your favorite bands all night, and it’s just a $5 cover (21 and over), plus $1.50 well, wine and long necks.

What we want to do is recreate Radio Texas, LIVE!, live in front of you. I’ll have give-aways, I’ll take requests, PLUS we’ll have special guests.

My goal is to expose you to new and different bands. I promise, I will only bring bands out, that I believe in, bands you need to get on your radar.

So come on out, hang with us.

This week's guest has been compared to Waylon Jennings and Hank Williams, Jr. And Jarrod Birmingham is no manufactured “hat act.” Birmingham is a REAL cowboy. A former professional bull rider who has enough pins, plates and screws in his body to make it difficult to pass an airport scanner, Birmingham’s music is steeped in stark realism.

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And no worries, you can still expect all the best full band live shows at Cowboy's. Comin' up the next few weeks, concerts from Zane Williams, Kevin Fowler, Josh Ward, Aaron Watson and more. Here's the concert calendar.

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