Today he’s what venues call a “sure thing,” and what festivals refer to as “headliner.” But that wasn’t always the case for Casey Donahew.

Like any band he and his team had to build a fan base. The Burleson, TX, native found his first niche singing about drinking in Fort Worth’s stockyards, inside Fort Worth’s stockyards. A decade and a half later Donahew has slid seamlessly into a new groove; singing ’90s infused country songs about cowboys and rodeos.

From the seven albums he’s released, to the countless shows, and miles driven in trucks, vans and finally buses; what better time than fifteen years in to take a moment to look back at it all?

In the latest installment of his web-series celebrating fifteen years of music, Donahew takes a look "cowboy songs."

It's cowboy music. I love the stories of cowboys and rodeos and the life they live on the highway. I never traveled full time as a professional cowboy, but I do relate to the lifestyle. I still rope, I still ride.

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