One of Texas Music’s biggest stars is back with new music. Today Casey Donahew, whose new album One Light Town is out in its entirety on July 26th, surprised fans with 7 new songs.

His latest album, 15 Years The Wild Ride, was released in late 2017 and was the culmination of over fifteen years of blood, sweat, and live shows. Over the last decade and a half Donahew has galvanized one of Texas' most loyal fan bases.

Donahew has tapped some of Nashville's best songwriters for 15 new songs for the new album. The Burleson native once again teamed up with his ol' pal and producer Josh Leo for the project.

Casey Donahew is one of those rare artists who knows how to push himself into uncharted territory with each new release without losing his core essence," shares Leo. "He is a true singer-songwriter in the modern troubadour sense in every way.  He knows how to tell a story and make the listener believe that they are right there! I had a blast working on this new record with him.”


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