Sugar Land is ruining selfies for all of us.

Visitors and residents of Sugar Land, TX can now enjoy two new sculptures that were recently installed in the Town Square's plaza. One of the sculptures, the more traditional one, features a guitar player perched on the ledge of a fountain, probably singing Dave Matthews or Turnpike Troubadours. The other has the entire Lone Star State talking.

The second statue is of two girls taking a selfie.

Both sculptures were meant to depict common occurrences on the Town Square, but only the later of the two has fallen victim to the never ceasing stream of criticism that flows from social media. Thanks, Facebook!

"According to a city of Sugar Land press release, the statues are part of a 10-piece collection donated by a Sugar Land resident to the city through its Sugar Land Legacy Foundation."

Despite the criticism this statue has received, I'm willing to bet that on any given day the number of girls taking selfies on the square far outnumber the guitar players precariously perched on fountain ledges.

Also it's left me wondering how the first-ever man-playing-guitar statue was received. Were folks up in arms because it wasn't just a man sitting... furrow browed... and thinking?