Over the years there have been a few artists that I've had to apologize to for being so late to their music. Cody Jinks joined that prolific and distinguished list when he made his Radio Texas, LIVE! debut in October of 2015.

I also apologized to all our listeners - I felt bad about it, guys. But I've spent every Saturday night since working to make up for it.

Some might cry “blasphemy” comparing Jinks to a Sturgill Simpson or a Chris Stapleton — but I’ve done it, and I’ve heard two other people do it. Each time the comparison is met with dropped jaws of disbelief. And while I have a personal disdain for comparing artists, sometimes you have to do it to help drive a point home. It might be I’m crazy, it might be I’m right. But regardless you need Cody Jinks music in your life.

Don't miss him live at Cowboy's this Friday (April 1) and keep an eye on the Radio Texas, LIVE! Facebook page for your opportunity to win a pass to see Jinks on our Front Porch that afternoon for lunch - catered by Coach's Sportsbar.

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