Cody Johnson Band has built a staggering country-western music empire, and he's done it without fancy photo shoots, nor a single music video.

That's right, Texas Music's hottest act has never released an official music video.

Johnson has amassed more than 60 million Pandora and Spotify Streams, sold over 250,000 concert tickets. His songs on iTunes have been downloaded more than 500,000. He's landed No. 1 single after No. 1 single here in Texas -- without a single music video.

Oh, there are acoustic videos, and those shaky concert videos captured by fans too. Those are all over YouTube, with views that collectively soar into the millions - but not one put out officially on the Cody Johnson channel.

Until today.

Johnson's new album Gotta Be Me is out in August, but no worries, as soon as you pre-order it you'll get three tracks immediately: "The Only One I Know," the title track, "Gotta Be Me," and the new single "With You I Am."

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