Families in East Texas do like to go out to eat from time to time. Your family probably has a favorite place to eat out. It could be a chain restaurant or a locally owned eatery.

Our family likes to go to Cracker Barrel in Lindale just because or for a special occasion. Sure, the retail area is in utter chaos but the food is great. A new CEO has taken over the restaurant chain and has proposed some changes to make the restaurant more relevant and bring back some of its shine.


Julie Felss Masino became the new CEO of Cracker Barrel in August of 2023. Masino has about 30 years of experience in both the restaurant and retail space. Before becoming CEO of Cracker Barrel, she was President of Taco Bell.

In a conference call on May 16, she said, "We're just not as relevant as we once were." Their stock has also dropped 40% so far in 2024. This has prompted her to propose three big changes to the restaurant chain (kens5.com).

In total, Cracker Barrel has 660 locations across the country, including three locations in East Texas, Lindale, Lufkin, and Longview.

Cracker Barrel, Lindale - Google Maps
Cracker Barrel, Lindale - Google Maps
Cracker Barrel, Longview - Google Maps
Cracker Barrel, Longview - Google Maps
Cracker Barrel, Lufkin - Google Maps
Cracker Barrel, Lufkin - Google Maps

10 of those 660 locations have been trying some new food items. They have taken customer feedback on those new food items to determine which ones may be rolled out to other locations. One of those new menu items seems to be a hit and may soon roll out to the other stores...

Green Chili Cornbread

You know what, that actually sounds really good. I would certainly give it a try if it came to Cracker Barrel in East Texas. There are a couple of other changes that may be coming to all Cracker Barrel stores...

Tweaking Menu Prices

Remodeling Some Stores

Price changes could be coming to the Cracker Barrel menu. It's not going to be an across-the-board price hike, either. Some prices will go up, yes, but other prices may stay the same, or even go down depending on the location.

Some stores may also see a remodel of both the dining area and the retail store. These updates could include better lighting, a change of interior color and even updating some of the wall decor and other fixtures.

East Texas Stores

Nothing has been said specifically about the East Texas Cracker Barrel locations but don't be surprised to see some changes over the next year or so.

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