We all know that streaming TV shows and movies has grown in leaps and bounds the last few years. Services including Netflix, Disney+, and Amazon Prime are currently taking over the world, and if you, like me, have cut the cable cord you may only miss it when football season comes around.

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Well, Miller Lite wants to help you, and me, out as they have revealed the brand new Miller Lite’s Cantenna. It's a digital TV antennae shaped like a beer, and for the next month they are just giving them away.

“We really wanted to reach cord-cutters going into football season,” says Stephanie Clanfield, associate marketing manager for Miller Lite. “When trying to stream live sports, it can be difficult and confusing, and some people might have to resort to illegal streams to catch the game. With the “Cantenna,” football fans and their friends can kickstart Miller Time in a safe and legal way.”

The novelty beer can antennae is a "rabbit-ear-style antennae – fashioned as goal posts" and would obviously look magnificent sitting underneath, or somewhere near to, your television year-round, just ask your wife. Looking for your chance to get a “Cantenna” in your mancave? Interested legal-age consumers can call 877-CANTENNA or enter for a chance to win at right here.

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