It was just two months ago that Dalton Domino's newest album, Corners, was released. Which means it's chill time, right? Nope, not for Dalton. Late last night the hard chugging Lubbock transplant uploaded two brand new songs to YouTube.

The first, "Shadowlands," you may recognize. Domino debuted live in the studio on Radio Texas, LIVE! earlier this month. "I met somebody," he told us at the time, "it had a very profound impact on me. I wrote a song about her."

The second, "I Still See You," we do not know anything about at this time.

If you haven't downloaded Corners check it out. Domino's latest is a pain mixed with joy. It runs the musical gambit, but that’s nothing new from a man who admittedly has an eclectic taste in music.

The album kicks off with the futuristic “The River,” and then it takes a country-rock turn with “Decent Man.” Domino gets introspective with the title track, and pissed off in the album’s first radio release, “July.” Corners features guest vocals from Jack Ingram (“Corners”), and Charlie Stout (“Sixteen Years”).

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