I can't lie I thought that a major city, maybe Dallas, TX, or Houston, TX, would top this list. Not Austin, TX, Austin-ites are well-versed in the ways to lessen life's stresses.

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The website Zippia wanted to figure out which cities in the U.S. are the most stressed so they compiled data on everything from work to financial problems and everything in-between

To determine which cities were the most stressed we looked into the average number of hours worked each week, how long the average commute was, and determined the income-to-home price ratio.

Not only did a relatively small town in East Texas land as the most stressed city in The Lone Star State, it comes in at number five across the entire country.

Based on their data, if you want to steer clear of a stressful life, you're going to want to avoid Deep East Texas, and specifically the oldest town in the state: Nacogdoches.

Hours Worked: 44
Commute: 14.1 minutes
Income-to-Home-Price Ratio: 11.49%

Here's what else Zippia had to say about Nac, "The No. 5 stressed-out city is Nacogdoches, Texas. The city is plagued by a 44-hour workweek and an 11.49% income-to-home-price ratio. The only least stressful thing Nacogdoches has to offer is the 14-minute commute."

Did you see that coming? I surely did not. You can read more about how they came to this conclusion here. For good measure, below are their ten Most Stressed Cities according to their data:

  1. Mead Valley, California
  2. Asbury Park, New Jersey
  3. Lantana, Florida
  4. San Luis, Arizona
  5. Nacogdoches, Texas
  6. Port Chester, New York
  7. Marumsco, Virginia
  8. Monroe, North Carolina
  9. Savannah, Georgia
  10. Gardere, Louisiana

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