We know Texas has lots of old bridges. However, we didn't know that the oldest bridge in Texas was THAT old--though perhaps it's not surprising.

Texas has a quite rich history. In fact, Texas history is such a subject of interest, that even those not from the Lone Star State find it fascinating. Did you know British pop and/or rock star Phil Collins had fallen in love with Texas history at the age of 5 and since then had amassed an impressive collection of Texas history artifacts that he has since donated?

But that's a story for another time.

I've also always been fascinated with Texas history...as well as bridges.

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What is it exactly about bridges for me? Well, my interest is both literal and metaphorical, but I suppose I find them fascinating because they connect us. They connect us to each other and to the places we want to go that were previously unreachable. And when you combine bridges with Texas history, I'm enchanted.

For example, I knew we had some old bridges in Texas, but I didn't realize there was still one standing that was quite this old.

The oldest bridge in Texas is the Bluff Dale Bridge on Berry's Creek Road in Bluff Dale Texas. It was built over the Paluxy River in 1891 and according to Onlyinyourstate.com,

'The bridge was built across the Paluxy River in 1891, making it the oldest cable-stayed suspension bridge in Texas and one of the oldest in the country. It spans U.S. Route 377, which was formerly known as Texas State Highway 10.'

As the traffic modernized and increased a newer bridge was built in the year 1933. However, the old bridge was left erected alongside it, and seeing the past and future nestled there parallel to each other is truly fascinating.

You can't drive on this bridge any longer, however, you can walk across this bit of Texas history. And you may want to consider doing that in the near future. Though the Bluff Dale Bridge was given a historical marker in 1977, it is considered an endangered place due to its fragility.

If you are a lover of Texas history, you may want to consider visiting it before it's gone and is lost to history forever.

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EDIT: This was originally published September 29, 2023. 

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