This is one of those things I can't just buy into immediately. It's natural to be skeptical, right? Today Colton James, aka CJ, of Dirty River Boys fame shared his new tattoo, and it's a Playboy Bunny.

James claims to have done it in honor of the guys' spread in April's Playboy Magazine (you can read about it here or here), and their return to Gruene Hall. I have no reason to doubt the credibility of CJ -- he's a fine, upstanding gentleman -- but until I see a full body pic, I'm gonna be skeptical.

But I hope he did it, cause that'd be so rock star.


In honor of being in Playboy and playing Gruene Hall this Saturday where we did the interview, I just had to do it !!! Get your tickets early, only 15 bucks right now !!! - C.J.

Posted by The Dirty River Boys on Monday, March 30, 2015

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