Yee Yee Nation your wait is over. Granger Smith‘s country boy alter ego, Earl Dibbles Jr., shoots the city boys straight in his new music video “Don’t Tread On Me.”

This marks the fifth song delivered by Earl which appears on Smith’s latest album When The Good Guys Win. It follows his previous fan-favorites including “The Country Boy Song,” “Country Boy Love,” “City Boy Stuck” and “Merica."

Yeah he can have opinions
I don’t have to agree with ‘em
Ain’t nothin’ wrong with me and him bein’ different
Oh no no
But I think he should know know know
How I roll

I’m a survivor, you’re damn right I’m a fighter
I’m a big buck skinnin’, trot line riggin Hank Jr disciple
So don’t you be offendin’, what grandaddy defended
This flag I’m wavin’ says I’m stayin’ free
Don’t Tread on Me, no
Don’t Tread on Me, no

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