Jon Wolfe is one of the purest country voices in Texas Music Country Music today. He’s a throwback. He’s a traditionalist. He is a gift from the country music gods, to those who are feeling left out, abandoned, forgotten, and disregarded by the direction of the music they we grew up loving.

In April, the last time Wolfe visited Radio Texas, LIVE!, he was over-the-damn-moon about his upcoming single, and new album. He couldn’t stop telling us how excited he was about it, but he wouldn’t share much.

We pressed him to give us just a sample, “just sing us a line or two,” I asked him – he said “nope, I can’t,” grinning the entire time.

This week his single "Singin' Thing", is the biggest song in Texas, and while we're certain it wasn't planned this way, what better time to unleash the new single.

Today, Jon delivers the first single, "Boots on a Dance Floor," off his forthcoming, not-yet-named, new album. And with it, the country-music-purest invites country music fans everywhere to download the single, dust off their boots, and then come out to see one of the most electrifying live shows around (full tour schedule here).

Download "Boots on a Dance Floor" now, and listen for it Saturdays on Radio Texas, LIVE! Or online anytime, here.

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