Miranda Lambert, Ashley Monroe and Angaleena Presley, aka The Pistol Annies, have finally given fans their first listen to their new album.

The highly anticipated third album from the super girl group, Interstate Gospel, will be released on November 2nd. They revealed the 14-song track list via an old school postcard campaign to fans last week. If you pre-orders you'll get an instant download of of the title track, “Best Years of My Life” and “Got My Name Changed Back.”

“The best way to describe this record is that it sounds like [three] women came unleashed and told a bunch of truth,” the group posted online. “We didn’t hold back and we’re proud of it.”

Interstate Gospel track listing:

1. “Interstate Prelude”
2. “Stop Drop and Roll One”
3. “Best Years of My Life”
4. “5 Acres of Turnips”
5. “When I Was His Wife”
6. “Cheyenne”
7. “Got My Name Changed Back”
8. “Sugar Daddy”
9. “Leavers Lullaby”
10. “Milkman”
11. “Commissary”
12. “Masterpiece”
13. “Interstate Gospel”
14. “This Too Shall Pass”

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