Come June, Texas will be too dang hot for outdoor music festivals. It's one of the few downsides of living here. Whether you're in Austin, TX, or Dallas, TX, you're probably opting for indoor AC shows.

Here at Radio Texas, LIVE! we are proud to be a part of The Gordy's HWY 30 Music Fest family. So, serious question, wanna see southern Idaho in June? You've got to see southern Idaho in June.

And now we know the full lineup for this year's Idaho festival.

The Gem State may be the perfect place to spend time in during the summer. Gordy'll get you out of the heat and humidity of The Lone Star State and you won't even have to miss out on the great live music you love.

The original Gordy’s Hwy 30 Music Fest is back June 19th-22nd in Filer, ID. Don't miss Morgan Wade, Chase Rice, Shane Smith and the Saints, The Steel Woods, Treaty Oak Revival, Kolby Cooper, Muscadine Bloodline, Sam Riggs and many more. Get more info right here.

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Also, check out the pod, Buddy Logan's Aircheck podcast features interviews with the scene's biggest acts and it's available to stream or download pretty everywhere.

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