Today (March 3) is Reckless Kelly front man Willy Braun's birthday. Eleven albums, two Grammy nominations (one win) and well over a decade of touring Willy, an Idaho native, and the boys have cemented their spot among Texas' elite.

The guys' current single 'The Girl I Knew' is the second biggest song in Texas this week, and with some luck, and a few more spins, just may be movin' up to No. 1 when this week's chart is released.

Reckless Kelly has also announced the lineup and dates of their Annual Celebrity Softball Jam in Austin, tickets for that are on sale here.

Well, to celebrate the Texas transplant's bday how about we take a look back at Willy's recent visit on Radio Texas, LIVE! And then if anyone knows how old he is, please let me know. Happy birthday, Willy!