It's Parenting:101, introducing your kids to great music. This lil man's parents Aced that class, plus they got him hooked up with natural rhythm to spare.

If Cody Johnson's music, hell if any music, flows through your toddler like this, don't you worry about a single thing. You are crushing being a parent.

And just in case Cody Johnson, who quickly sold out his headlining show at Globe Life Field in Arlington coming up in November, is looking for a backup dancer at the show, we found him.

This kid just had a long week, he just needed to unwind a little bit. The adorable clip of a toddler in a Woody from "Toy Story" shirt, getting down to Johnson's "Y'all People,' will probably help you unwind a little bit too.

Here's what people are saying:

'That baby is really getting into that song by the expression of his face watch how he throws his little hits the stuff arrest he's a cute little boy" - Alice Fretz

"Ohhhh he got it! That face too, he's all up in that song! Love this!" - Jocelyn Holliday

"When the song gets straight down to the bones" - Logan Norwood

"He's adorable! Eyes closed and all really coming from his heart!" - Claudia Garcia

"This is the cutest freaking thing! Little man is getting down!" - Makayla Harper

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