There are so many people in the state of Texas who love crime shows, and I fall into this category as well. There is something so fascinating about some of the real-life crime stories that happen and the background on how or why things happened.

But while we can watch these shows or stories unfold, the tragic part is real families are affected by these crimes. And some of these criminals are from right here in the state of Texas. 

We all like to think we live in a safe place, no place in the world has zero crime. But it’s also not exactly shocking to realize that the state of Texas is huge and of course, there are going to be serial killers that have done some of their killing right here in the Lone Star State.

It’s not exactly something to brag about, but it is the reality of the situation. Some serial killers come from all over the country, but let’s look at the most horrendous serial killers in Texas history. 

Learn About Texas Serial Killers 

Even if you think you have seen most of the shows or documentaries about serial killers in Texas there is probably something new that you will learn about the cases highlighted below. Make sure to scroll down so you can learn something new about some of the horrible crimes that have been committed here in Texas. 

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List of Serial Killers in Texas 

Here is a look at the most horrible and disgusting serial killers in Texas state history.  

HORRIFIC: The Ten Most Notorious Serial Killers In Texas

Texas is sadly no stranger to crime, and these individuals were the worst the state have ever seen.

Gallery Credit: Tommy Paradise, Townsquare Media, Canva, YouTube Click2Houston, YouTube KSAT 12, YouTube True Crime Recaps, YouTube True Crime Reporter Podcast And TV, YouTube KHOU 11, YouTube Rob Gavagan

13 Notorious Serial Killers Linked to Texas

Many consider America's first serial killer came from Austin and may have left to become the world's most famous killer.

Gallery Credit: YouTube, Getty Images

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