A Cool New Hotel Is Now Open In Downtown Tyler, TX In A Building A Lot Of Folks Have Fond Memories Of.

While Greyhound has been shutting down terminals in downtown areas all across the country, Tyler's old bus station has a new life as chic and modern hotel.

Greyhound Moved Locations Back In 2019.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Take a look at how the station looked back in 2008.

Andy Bergfeld of Bergfeld Realty told KLTV he first thought the building wasn’t very appealing, but then found the building's original 1933 art deco design was still in tact underneath its façade.

The decision to transform the Greyhound Bus Station into a hotel wasn't made lightly.

Google Maps
Google Maps

A lot of work went into preserving the original building and they have been documenting the station's transformation through a series of posts on social media through The Greyhound Inn Facebook Page.

The Inn will operates as a contactless hotel.


That means when you book through the website you are given codes to get into the gates and to the doors into your room.

The inn features nine hotel rooms, some mid-century modern and some of the original art deco rooms. The hotel will is now open so if you're looking for a cool place to rest up, you should check in!

Reservations are now open at https://www.greyhoundinntx.com/ and room rates range from $218 to $273 a night.

The transformation of the Greyhound Bus Station into a hotel isn't just a restoration project; it hopes to be a catalyst for economic and social development in Tyler. Who knows, maybe some of the other cities should try it.

Tyler's Greyhound Bus Station Transformation Over The Years

Take a look below at how the Greyhound bus station has transformed over the years.

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