I mean, ya have to admit--just saying "Texas" makes ya feel kinda good, doesn't it?

When people ask you where you're from, don't you love saying..."Texas..." Nice. And I'm pretty sure we're the only state that can boast an "x" in its name.

Well, one more thing that makes us so very unique--in addition to the diversity of our regional landscapes and people, roads that go on forever, the best food, and the friendliest and, dare I say, most beautiful people.

So although I love many of the states in this grand nation of ours, Texas clearly has the coolest name of them all. And just prior to becoming known as "Texas," our state had been a province of Mexico and the area was called Coahuila y Tejas.

So where did it come from? (Yes, you may have learned this in your middle school history class, but adults tend to forget those things, don't we? At least I did.)

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And I'll tell ya why it's even more astonishing that I'd forgotten--because the name we love so dearly had its beginning right here in EAST Texas. How bout that?

Yep, it was around the year 1540 when explorers from Spain encountered the Caddo Indians. After a time, the Caddos began referring to the Spanish as "tayshas." Guess what that means in English? "Friends." Or alternatively, "allies."

When the Spanish explorers translated "tayshas" to Spanish, it became "Tejas." And from there it evolved into the name "TEXAS," that we know and love so much today.

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