Can you imagine making a quarter of a MILLION bucks every month simply by RE-selling Buc-ee's Beaver Nuggets online? Well, that's exactly what one Texas man did.

Granted, as much as most of us love Buc-ee's and the delightful array of snacks they offer at their much sought-after stores, it's hard to believe that we love them SO much that we could help someone earn $250,000 per month.

How on Earth did he manage that?

I was today years old when I learned you can't order Beaver Nuggets online through Buc-ee's directly.

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I had no idea one couldn't simply pop online and order your favorite Buc-ee's snacks online. After all, it seems we can have just about anything else in the world delivered directly to our homes these days. But NOPE, not Beaver Nuggets. At least, not through them.

One Texas man thought perhaps he should change that and start selling them himself online. Boy, did that ever pay off.

A report from says Texas entrepreneur "Chris Koerner, based on this simple proposal, now sells more than $250,000 a month in Buc-ee's branded snacks at"

How did one Texas entrepreneur start making $250K per month selling Buc-ee's snacks?

According to the report from, Chris Koerner found himself craving Buc-ee's snacks right in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. He was inspired to make that a reality when he realized he couldn't order them online.

Koerner told that he did try to reach out to Buc-ee's to see if they wanted to work together on this, but he received zero response. So he decided to do it himself.

So apparently, Koerner and his entire family filled up grocery carts at a Buc-ee's in the Gulf Coast area with Buc-ee's snacks. He ended up spending about $1,500. He went home, set up a website, hired a photog to snap a pic of it all, and behold... it went from there.

And it went WELL, obviously, given that he's earning so much monthly. I can't help but wonder how many new online competitors have sprung up due to these headlines.

And I especially can't help but wonder if Buc-ee's themselves may be one of them.

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