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Sometimes, change can be a bit slow - especially when it comes to making and/or changing laws.  On the other hand, sometimes that change can come overnight.  That is the case for sexually oriented businesses in the Lone Star State and a new law that turned the younger end of this business on its ear.

According to Spectrum Local News, a new law that went into effect just over a week ago effectively put hundreds of strip-club workers out of a job without warning.  The law makes it illegal for a sexually oriented business in Texas to hire 18, 19, or 20-year old employees.  That law went into effect as soon as Governor Greg Abbott signed it on May 24th.  As soon as it was in the books, these businesses had to shed their underage workforce immediately.

As it stands now, hundreds of exotic dancers, bartenders, waitstaff, car valets, and more are suddenly finding themselves out of a job.  To make it even harder, this move comes right on the heels of Texas ending the additional unemployment payments associated with the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Don't expect them to flood Louisiana looking for work - our law regarding the minimum age to work at a sexually oriented business works the same way.

Proponents of the bill say that this will help "sever the link" between strip-clubs and sex trafficking.  Opponents say that by forcing the youngers workers out of the clubs into the streets, it could end up making it worse.

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