From Dallas, TX to every tiny town scattered across The Lone Star State, did you know that there are names that are illegal to name your baby here?

For some parents, they want to find the most unusual names to call their kids, i.e. Apple or Blanket. While you can name him or her whatever you want, there are a select few names or ways to name your baby that are illegal in Texas.

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The Meaning of My Name Michael

My mom has told me the story of how she got my name, first name Michael, middle name Andrew, a couple of times. She thought of Michael because there was one other kid in a daycare she was working in that was named Michael and she liked it.

Also being the God fearing woman that she is, she liked the meaning of Michael, One Who Is Like God. It is also the name of one of God's archangels. Andrew comes from a great-great uncle if I remember correctly.

Weird Names from Hollywood

There seems to be a thing in Hollywood where famous people want to name their kids very unusual, and sometimes ridiculous, names. Ridiculous is very subjective but Gwyneth Paltrow named one of her kids Apple. Michael Jackson (another famous Michael) named one of his Blanket.

Illegal Names to Use

But look, if you want to name your kid Sheet Rock, Dirt Pile or Toothpaste, go for it. You are certainly within your right to do so. But there are some names (and how long a name can be), symbols and numbers that are illegal to use in Texas. Let's look at them below:

Here are 14 Ways to Illegally Name Your Baby in Texas

For the most part, you can name your baby whatever you want. However, there are 14 ways to name your baby that are illegal in Texas.

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