How great is Texas? It's so great that Norwegians use the term "Texas," every single day.

Texas Monthly published an article documenting the word "Texas," and its use in Norway. To our Norwegian friends "texas" is slang "crazy" or "out of control," and it's apparently been part of their vernacular for decades, and is used in every day conversation, and news articles.

Who knew?

... it speaks to how the mythos of Texas has been interpreted in one Scandinavian country: “Texas” = “cowboys” = “Wild West” = “an unpredictable, exciting, sometimes scary atmosphere,” and thus can be used to describe a party that had people jumping off the roof into a swimming pool, a soccer game where fans were getting tense, or even a troubling traffic situation, which—while the etymology may be different—is fair enough for anyone who’s been in any Texas city during rush hour.

Let's be honest, it actually kinda makes sense. Want further proof of the term "Texas" as part of the Norwegian culture?

Here is an article from Aviso Nordland from March 2014 about reckless international truck drivers traveling through the northern part of the country. Norwegian police chief Knut Danielsen, when describing the situation, tells the paper that “it is absolutely texas."

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