Ah yes, our old foe Daylight Saving Time. What do you think, Dallas, TX? How about you, Houston, TX? Would you enjoy finally living in a world without "saving daylight" in it. I know I would.

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Even as an 8-year-old kid, I remember thinking changing clocks for no apparent reason was dumb. According to Psychology Today, "It merely time-shifts it, and for many people doing so causes nothing but stress and aggravation. According to a University of Chicago poll, 75 percent of Americans would prefer to end the practice of switching the clocks twice a year."

75%? That's wild.

We can't get 75% of Americans to come together on anything except how dumb Daylight Saving Time is. But it seems like we're just stuck with this antiquated time see-saw every spring and fall, something we've endured for over a hundred years now.

DST has been observed in the U.S. since 1918, according to the Bureau of Transportation. It was established to help the Interstate Commerce Commission, which monitored railroad transportation.

But you'll likely recall canceling it has picked up steam.

Texas lawmakers have repeatedly attempted, unsuccessfully, to get rid of daylight saving time"In April 2023, the Texas House approved a bill to permanently stay on daylight saving time but the Senate never voted on it."

The Senate never voted on it? What the heck, Texas Senate! This is a hanging curve right over the middle of the plate. Let's knock this one outta the ballpark and keep a little bit more of our sanity twice a year.

I guess if we've gotta have our entire lives upended twice a year there are three things we can use the change as a reminder for:

Change or check these things when the time changes:

  • smoke detector batteries - replace them with new ones
  • carbon monoxide monitor batteries - replace them with new ones
  • test home alarm systems with monitoring service

For now, I guess, just enjoy that extra hour of sleep when we fall back this Sunday, November 5 at 2 a.m. (unless of course you have children).

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