It's 2019, and Koe Wetzel reigns supreme in Texas Music. Every marquee with his name on it -- whether he's headlining, co-headlining, or serving as support -- has two words in common: sold out.

In March, Radio Texas, LIVE! teamed up with Koe for his inaugural Koe Wetzel's Incredible Music Festival in Lindale, TX. Over 7,000 fans traveled from far and wide to East Texas, doubling the population of Miranda Lambert's home town, and maxing out the capacity of the venue. Two words: sold out.

This month Wetzel took his incredible traveling show 100 miles west to Fort Worth's Panther Island. There, Koe, along with Parker McCollum, Cody Canada & the Departed, and Chris Colston, sold. it. out.

If you missed the Panther Island show it was more than a concert, it was a revolutionary live musical event. Fans slid on a 50’ inflatable water slide, and rode on a 52’ tall Ferris wheel. There was a mechanical bull, free mustache rides for everyone, and a 4-minute long fireworks show to close out the night.

Total ticket sales for the Fort Worth show were 10,138.

Guys, any mainstream act with a few No. 1 singles on radio would kill to be able to draw that amount of people. Koe's pulling these numbers independently. And what still baffles me, outside of Radio Texas, LIVE! and a few stations across Texas, the Pittsburg, TX native still has very limited radio support. He's never even had a Top 20 single on either Texas radio chart. C'mon, Texas radio. We don't need a "promoter" to tell us that Texans want to hear Koe. Give the people what they want.

What Koe does have is a rabid fan base; over 556,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, and his songs are racking up millions of streams. He's got over 300,000 combined impassioned Twitter and Instagram followers, and sold out shows across Texas and the U.S.

There's something special happening here in The Lone Star State, and it's time to crown Koe Wetzel the Independent King of Texas.

Oh, and rest up. There will be more Koe Wetzel Incredible Music Festivals in 2020, including a triumphant return to East Texas.

EDIT: In July Koe inked a deal with Columbia Records making him roster mates with AC/DC, Beyonce, John Mayer, and many, many more global superstars. His new album Sellout is out on Friday (Nov. 20th).

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