This is as throwback as it gets. Today Jack Ingram shared the first music video he ever made.

"That's Not Me," was included on his '97 album, Livin' or Dyin', and features a much more clean cut mid-20s Ingram. Watch the video and be transported to an easier time, squarely back into the 1990s.

Check THIS out! My 1st music video from my 1st single ever! 20 years ago, almost to the day, the record I/we made with Steve Earle and #RayKennedy called #LivinOrDyin was released! I am still as proud of this project today as I was then!

Jeremy Elliott sent this to me! (Will you tag all the innocent to protect the guilty?!)

I wrote this song with my friend, #TomLittlefield. An incredible writer and a vicious mentor! I learned more writing and making this record that year than I had doing everything I ever even attempted to learn in the previous 25!!!

Please enjoy! And share!?

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