The boys are back!

Not that they were ever really gone. JB and the Moonshine Band have been touring incessantly since 2010. And the band has produced six top 10 singles and three consecutive No.1s on the Texas charts.

What I mean to say is they are back with brand new music!

It was 2013 when Rolling Stone declared their last project, "Beer for Breakfast," a top five country album of the year -- a huge accomplishment for the independent band from East Texas.

Today (May 6), the guys dropped TWO bombs on us. First they announced their new album, "Mixtape," will be out this summer on June 30. Next they revealed fan-favorite and Second Amendment anthem, "Shotgun, Rifle, and a .45," will be the first single off the new project released to radio.

Of the new track, JB Patterson says:

“We believe that the price of liberty is eternal vigilance, meaning we can’t take our freedoms and liberties for granted. We must watch over the basic rights we have and take appropriate measures to ensure they aren’t undermined. ‘Shotgun, Rifle, and a .45’ is our attempt to emphasize the need for such vigilance, with regards to the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America. The song is about our inalienable right to bear arms, but perhaps more importantly it’s about our responsibility to be aware of (and speak out against) any power that seeks to take away our basic freedoms.”

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