You know him as "Johnny Chops," the bass player from the Randy Rogers Band. He has been laying down their four string groove for well over a decade. But Jon Richardson also does his own thing from time to time, and even released his debut solo album Sticks And Stones back in August of 2013.

And he's at it again. "Chops" has what he is calling a "nice chunk" of brand new songs that he is excited to share and he wants YOUR feedback as well.

Check out this hysterical "Songs For Sale" video promoting Chops's next online acoustic concert and be on the look out for lots of familiar faces including Bart Crow and Brian Keane.

Just in case you aren't familiar with how the Concert Window website works, here’s a quick tutorial:

  1. Go to ConcertWindow and set up an account. It super easy and it allows you to tip the performers (wink, wink).
  2. On Wednesday May 20, around 7:45 pm, log on, grab a beverage, some popcorn, a few of your closest friends, and a seat.
  3. Sit back and listen.
  4. Tip generously, because the show is FREE! There are also some fun tip rewards for you giving types.

That’s it. Pretty simple huh?

For more information about all things Johnny Chops, visit his officially official website by clicking HERE.