It's a well known fact that that Jon Wolfe has some of the best lookin' fans in Texas. However his cutest was back on stage with Jon this week, and once again he was stealing the show.

Last year after seeing video of young Owen singing along to his song, Wolfe invited the little man and his sister out to a show. A year later Owen, who is now five-years-old, is still at it. Judging from the new video he's maintaining his status as Natural Man's biggest, youngest, and cutest fan. According to his parents Owen knows Jon Wolfe's entire catalog. That's parenting next-level. Click here to see Owen's original video.

This is my #1 fan Owen," Jon tweeted. "He joined me on stage again & it was pure magic all over again. He knows my songs better than I do. His family is the most grateful, appreciative family who loves music, the arts, & nurturing young dreams. You are always welcome on stage, Owen."

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