As we've come to expect from any Josh Abbott / Evan Kaufmann collaboration, there was a surprising twist in their 2016 "Amnesia" music video.

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The single off of JAB's Front Row Seat rose to the top of the Texas charts in the winter of '15, but found new life with the release of the music video a year later.

So why the surprise ending?

“I didn’t want the video to be predictable,” Abbott tells Entertainment Weekly. “I didn’t want it to be about divorce or breaking up. I wanted those words to be felt dramatically, in a situation that was even more hopeless. You should see the tweets I get every day about ‘Amnesia,'” he says, “about people relating to that and wanting to forget an ex.”

As far as JAB news goes, early on during the pandemic the band announced on Instagram that they had recorded an acoustic version of their quite popular Catching Fire EP, we're talkin' full band acoustic. While we're not sure what his original plan with it was, Josh decided to share it early since so many of us were "just sitting around" during the lock-down.

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