This week Josh Grider released a new single “Good People." The timely  song seems even more poignant given recent events and the heroic response from average citizens and first-responders

“It’s just a song, but as a songwriter, it’s the best I have to offer in the face of the random, unexplainable, sometimes evil world we live in,” Grider says. “Since the day it was written, ‘Good People’ was intended to be a reminder and an encouragement that despite mounting evidence, the good people really do outnumber the bad. By a lot. I believe that, and I believe that in times like these it’s important to remember that as often as we can.”

“Good People” is the title track of Grider's new album which is due out in early 2018. It was co-written by Grider, Bobby Hamrick, and James Slater.

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